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Do you want to level up your English ability? Do you want to revise your English Literature texts? Do you want to sharpen your English Language skills? Do you want to pass your English GCSE exams with flying colours? If so, then you're in the right place! Welcome to Pate Resources.


Is this site associated with Pate Resources?

No, this site is not associated or affiliated with Mr Pate or the Pate Resources YouTube channel. This is simply a site that accompanies the channel and helps students navigate easily through resources. However, Mr Pate has acknowledged and promoted this website.

Who owns/runs this site, then?

This site is maintained, updated and owned by PI4LI.

Mr Pate or any other owners or affiliates of Pate Resources have no control over the content on this site. PI4LI should be contacted regarding this website, not them.

Do you run the Pate Resources Shop as well?

No, I do not. I only link to it to share Mr Pate's awesome resources.

How did you make this site? / What is this site made with? / What does this site run on?

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I want to request a feature or change, or have another query

You can email Eddie Coldrick via [email protected] or this contact form.

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